Frequently Asked Questions

Plant a memorial tree in memory of a loved one, pet or to celebrate a life event.  Plant a tree on your wedding day, for the birth of a child or to commemorate a major life event such as ringing the bell at the end of your cancer treatments.  Every memory has its own story and is equally welcome. 

Hi there, my name is Mia Hollinger and I am the owner and creator of Treeternity Memorial Forest for people and pets.  I truly love what Treeternity offers, it is a great value and for eternity!  I feel like it really does give twice, at first I thought I was planting a memorial tree for my Mom but in the end I realized i was doing it for me...  

1.  One of the first questions people ask me is how did you come up with this?

Well I could never really decide exactly what I want my loved ones to do when the time inevitably comes.  I always thought I would like to donate every organ I possibly can to help in any way but then what would my family do, what would they be left with?  If I were cremated and wanted my ashes spread someplace random would that be it?  My family would not have anywhere to go to remember me if I did that.  I feel like I want to have a memorial place which provides a point of focus for remembrance and I would like that place to be a beautiful, happy, modern place...and with that Treeternity Memorial Forest was born...  I want to be a tree and love the thought of having a tree leave my mark here on Earth.

2.  So why people and pets?

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that they are true family members so why shouldn't we be able to have pet memorials for our pets just like we do for ourselves?  The loss of a pet is significant and there are not a lot of choices or pet cemeteries available in the Saskatoon area for honouring our pets.  

3.  Is Treeternity a Cemetery and can we spread ashes with our tree if cremation is our choice?

We do not bury anything so Treeternity is not a cemetery.  It is a modern, non traditional alternative to a cemetery as it similarly provides a point of focus for remembrance for eternity.  A Treeternity Memorial is much more affordable than purchasing a spot in a cemetery and a monument.  If cremation is your choice, you may put a small sprinkling of ashes with your tree, however ashes do change the ph of soil so a large amount would hinder the growth of the tree and the grass and therefore is not allowed.    

4.  Equality?

The one thing I love about Treeternity Memorial Forest is that no matter who or what the memorial is for, it could be for your pet goldfish or the king of the world, it will be respected and treated in exactly the same way as every other memorial in our park.

5.  Who plants the tree?

We will happily plant your tree for you however if you and your loved ones wish to do the planting we will prepare the site and have your plaque and tree ready for when you and your loved ones can do the planting.  When you arrive to Treeternity Memorial Forest we will show you to the site and leave you to do your thing. 

 6.  What happens if Treeternity Memorial Forest goes out of business?

We have a written agreement in place with Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation who will accept the donation of the land as wildlife conservation and they will continue basic upkeep of the forest for the years to come so you can be sure the land will never be sold.  Similarly we would donate the records to the Sask Archives Board or similar so that the records are accessible for future generations. 

7.  What are some examples of why one might plant a memorial tree?

  • Celebrate a life event such as a wedding, birth or another one of life's major milestones

  • Cremation ashes spread some random place and now no place to go to remember

  • Achieving a goal you have set for yourself

  • Loved ones are far away, you could plant a memorial here for you to be able to visit regularly

  • New generation to Saskatchewan

  • Miscarriage, the loss of an angel

  • For one reason or another you don't really want the memorial to be in a cemetery

  • Pets – you want something more for your pet that is not currently offered any other place

  • Much more affordable than purchasing a spot in a cemetery and a monument


8.  Why would one want to purchase an additional plaque?

  • For example my brother and I both have a personal message for our Mom so we each did a plaque for her tree

  • Another example is you have purchased a memorial for your household pet, any other pets could be added to the memorial with another plaque

  • Your family may decide to do a family tree and have a plaque represent each member. With up to 10 additional plaques allowed it is a very economical way to honour families.

9.  Could a funeral be held at Treeternity Memorial Forest and could we plant a tree as part of the funeral service?

Yes a funeral could be held at our public park near Saskatoon and you could plant a tree as part of the funeral service, however we do not arrange or conduct funerals.  We would be happy to provide the location for the funeral and arrange the tree planting.  Please contact us to discuss further.