An eco-friendly, modern way to celebrate an event, loved one, or family with a tree and plaque in our park near Saskatoon, SK.

Treeternity allows you to celebrate or remember an important person or aspect of your life in an environmentally positive way.  A walk through Treeternity Memorial Forest in the future will be a journey of all walks of life, every memory is equally welcome.  Each tree has its own story so there are countless reasons why planting a tree may be something you want to do.  You can also offer it as a unique gift for someone you love, they are a perfect example of something that gives more than once.  

Each Treeternity Memorial gives back 144 square feet to our planet.  We have an agreement with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation to donate the land as wildlife conservation in the future so you can be sure the land will never be sold.    

What is Treeternity Memorial Forest? We bought this piece of land specifically for memorial trees, we have an agreement to donate the land as wildlife conservation land once it is all full of trees, which ensures the land will never be sold so this space is a permanent option. Check out this short video to learn more...


We are honoured and proud to have been a part of a tree planting ceremony for Saskatchewan's fallen Police and Peace Officers this past year.  

Family Tree

A family tree is a modern way to remember families together.  You can add additional plaques at some point in the future. 


There is a definite need for this memorial forest in the area. It is a beautiful spot - we just visited it for the second time recently. We totally commend this young couple for their compassion, vision, entrepreneurship, and ambition to make this a realization.
— Terry and Loretta
Thank you so much for the amazing and special experience planting a tree in memory of my sister. We all had such a great day, sun was shining - her kids felt so great to help plant and water it. It was a perfect experience to celebrate her, and such a peaceful and joyful place to come over time. Thanks again - this is a really special thing you are doing :)
— Candace
We planted a beautiful tree in memory of Sassy today. Thank you for making such a pretty spot for her, she would love the bright open space to run, chasing bunnies near her pink flowering apple tree. If you are wanting to keep someone close in a unique way, this is it.
— Shauna
Thank you for a very special place you have created, I know we all enjoy when we are there.
My children say each time we are there, how happy they are that we found this special place for us to remember their dad. Thanks once again,
— Bev
We have a tree planted a tree in memory of my Mom, It was actually therapeutic for me when we planted the tree. It is so straight forward and simple and it was a perfect fit for our family.
— Jason