Multiple Line Inscriptions

His (Her) Life A Beautiful Memory

His (Her) Absence A Silent Grief


On Earth One Gentle Soul Less

In Heaven One Angel More


To Live In The Hearts Of Those

We Love Is Not To Die



If Love Could Have Saved You

You Would Never Have Died


What We Were To Each Other

That We Still Are


A Last Goodbye You Didn’t Say

But In Our Hearts You Will Always Stay


Gone Are The Days We Used To Share

But In Our Hearts You’re Always There


Deep In My Heart You Will Always Stay

Loved And Remembered Every Day


Memories Are A Gift To Treasure

Ours Of You Will Last Forever


Tenderly I Treasure The Past

With Memories That Will Always Last


You Are Always Near

So Missed, So Loved, So Very Dear


Only Goodnight Beloved

Not Farewell


If I Could Have A Wish Come True

I Wish My Darling I Still Had You