When you purchase a memorial tree package:

We plant throughout the season as the weather allows.  On your planting day you and your loved ones will receive your tree and we will show you to the space you have previously chosen. The plaque will be in place and the area will be ready for you to plant your tree. We will leave you to do your planting and the rest of the day is yours.  There is a beautiful gazebo on location for you to enjoy.

Thunderchild Flowering Crabapple

Thunderchild Flowering Crabapple

  1. Choose a tree type

You will have a choice of 4 tree types from which you will choose one. Oak, Maple, Linden or a Thunderchild flowering crab apple tree. Click here for the different trees we offer.

2. Plaque

You will receive a standard 9"x5" FusionCast TM Plaque which will be placed flat in the ground in front of the tree. You will choose your own personal message to be inscribed on the plaque. Click here to go to our plaques page with sample inscriptions.

The park is divided into 12’ x 12’ spaces

The park is divided into 12’ x 12’ spaces

3. Choose where in the park you want to plant your tree

When you purchase a memorial you will choose where you would like to plant your tree from the available 12’x12’ spaces. Click here to visit our parcel map page. This shows you how the park is divided up and how you choose your tree’s location.

4. Certified Keepsake Certificate

You will receive a certified certificate including GPS coordinates of your tree location.

Treeternity Keepsake Certificate